Crimson Peak

A house as old as this one becomes, in time, a living thing. It starts holding onto things… keeping them alive when they shouldn’t be. Some of them are good; some of them bad… Some should never be spoken about again.

In Crimson Peak, acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro returns to the genre he helped define with a powerful blend of psychological thriller, gothic horror, and seductive romance. Black Phoenix is honored to present a line celebrating Crimson Peak that encompasses fragrance, jewelry, nail lacquer, atmosphere sprays and memento boxes.

Please visit our sister company, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, to experience their Crimson Peak fragrances.

Crimson Peak: © Legendary 2015. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

Crimson Peak - Atmosphere Spray

Ghosts fade away — along with the past — like mist in the daylight… Leaving only small lessons behind — Small certainties —

There are things that tie them to a place — very much like they do us — some remain tethered to a patch of land or a time and date… but there are others — Others that hold to an emotion, a drive: loss, revenge… or love…

Memory is an intimacy we share with forces both seen and unseen, a place where the living and the dead co-exist — though not always peacefully.

Wherever she goes, CRIMSON PEAK heroine Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) seems to uncover an urgent longing, the kind that leaves an indelible stain on time and space. In this way, anything can become haunted: a room, an object, a certain hour.

In this unique series of atmosphere sprays, Black Phoenix Trading Post conjures singular moments from the past which ache to be relived over and over again, locations which demand to be revisited until their secrets are unearthed. Which carries the greater risk: denying them, or indulging?

Crimson Peak - Mementos - Boxes

For secrets that yearn to be divulged — or atrocities hidden in plain sight — Black Phoenix Trading Post presents Crimson Peak memento boxes inspired by the grim interiors of Allerdale Hall, hand-crafted by Dellamorte & Co.


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    Warding and protection: the Sharpe household’s talismanic FEAR monogram embossed in dark bronze above the trembling, outspread wings of a black moth.  

    6.2”x4x4” / Cold-cast resin, hand-cast and hand-painted antiqued bronze by Dellamorte & Co. for Black Phoenix. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, so there will be variations in color.

Crimson Peak - Mementos - Jewelry

It is our great pleasure to present a line of jewelry dedicated to Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic masterpiece, Crimson Peak. Bedeck yourself with Sharpe family heirlooms: show your familial allegiance with the Sharpe Coat of Arms and Family Crest, and embrace terror itself with the Fear Monogram.

300 pieces were created of each design. Crafted in Los Angeles, CA.


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    A monogram of the word FEAR was incorporated throughout the movie. It is written into the soul of Allerdale Hall, concealed within the wallpaper patterns and the wooden friezes, carved into the furniture itself. FEAR permeates every aspect of the film, nestled in the newspapers and hidden in the hems of the costumes.

    1 1/8” square. Antiqued pewter, 18” chain.



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    Ad Montes Oculos Levavi, “I shall lift up mine eyes unto the hills.”

    The Skull Crest. 2 1/8” wide, 2 1/2” tall. Antiqued pewter, 18” chain.



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    Heraldic dragons entwined, reigning over the Cumbrian Hills together. 

    3 1/8” wide, 2 5/8” high. Antiqued pewter, 18” chain.


Crimson Peak - Nail Lacquer

Guillermo Del Toro is both a master storyteller and a virtuoso of evocative design. All of Crimson Peak is awash in color – vibrant or decaying, somber or aflame. Every shadow has a meaning; every angle has a purpose. Every single hue was deliberately chosen as a thread that binds the tale, and every single hue tells a story within itself.

In this nail lacquer series, we celebrate the colors of Crimson Peak: the dark palette that brings the characters to life.

The lacquers represent the film itself and four of its characters: Edith Cushing, Alan McMichael, Lady Lucille Sharpe, and Sir Thomas Sharpe. Each bottle is silkscreened with symbolism depicting the aspect of the film that the color represents.

Three hundred bottles were created of each color.

Crimson Peak - Nail Lacquer - Alan McMichael

Crimson Peak - Nail Lacquer - Edith Cushing

Crimson Peak - Nail Lacquer - Lucille Sharpe

Crimson Peak - Nail Lacquer - Thomas Sharpe

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